Avatar the Crown

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Greetings Earth Travellers,

I have been staring at the blank white screen for a while now. Letting so many emotions wash over my person and my internal being. Not knowing where the post of today will hit, I am also allowing the words to run from my fingers.

I am of opinion that some people are born or have acquired more empathy than others.  Sympathy is not my strong point, but empathic behaviour more so. A wave crashed over my essence last night, thinking and feeling the pit of darkness calling, and the impossible task of extending helping hands to everyone in need. I can only listen, and sometimes that must be enough. We journey in here, we journey all over, from having courage, to ascending to higher consciousness, towards understanding our own struggles. We tend to think our situation is the worst ever, a story comes through and reminds me that it could be much worse, giving me the opportunity to be grateful for the little I think I have.

If you feel the wheels have come off in your world, let me tell you that you could face not having a place to stay, or the reality of no food. Numbness of stress, at a point of giving up completely. A direction heading for utter destruction of the self. It could all be much, much worse. Before I head in preaching about being grateful, just know that someone out there are facing so much more than you can ever imagine. And for a fraction of your day, be grateful – try your best. Because the things you think you do not have, could be taken away, so that you learn what it feels like to have nothing.

I say that it is ok to be in the reality you are right now. You may challenge me in asking how the universe could be so cruel having you there. I will respond in asking, what did you do, to get you to where you are right now. Things don’t just happen out of nowhere. Let me remind you that we are the creators of our worlds. And you are within your right to think that I am all but crazy. “Why would I ask for no money”, “why would I want to suffer”, why would I ask for retrenchment”, ”a cheating partner”, “an abuser” “why, why, why… Only your soul can answer that, only your internal clock can speak and advice you on what is happening, and the reason for it. YOU, you are the only one that can do something in changing any direction you are walking. I think it is a test of faith, and yes, I do too fall in the despair pit many times over. I am human. The difference is that I do my best to climb my way out – my best – it is all I have.

have journeyed with you all looking at the psychological characteristics of the chakras, some may have enjoyed the information, some not – we can’t please all. Today we end the journey with the crown chakra. I am always open to learning new trades, open to suggestions, open to requests. Drop a mail to info@healingevolution.co.za, or to healingevolution.sb@gmail.com or on messenger.

Either way, let us walk the last stretch.

Many know that the crown is related to the connection of spirituality and the integration of the whole being, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – plus all the other facets (if you still remember).

When this centre is closed, the person probably does not have an experiential (practical) connection to spirituality. They do not have that “cosmic” feeling and do not understand when people speak about their spiritual experiences.

If this centre is open, the person probably often experiences their spirituality in a personal form – unique to the individual.

This spirituality is not one defined by dogma (creed, set beliefs) or easily related with words. It is rather a state of being, a state of transcendence of the mundane reality into the infinite. It goes beyond the physical world and creates in the individual a sense of wholeness, peace and faith, giving them a sense of purpose to their existence.

One can get lost, either in spirituality or the disconnection of the Divine force. Both are equally difficult to recover from.

We spoke again of the realities we create, of the life we choose for ourselves. But let us think about the isolation that comes from hopelessness. Seeing no way out. Not able to have the one thing that drives us. HOPE.

Change – things cannot stay bad, and things cannot always be good. There must be a balance. And if you feel that you are stuck in the bad for a long time, just remember that your good-times must have been plentiful too. I have an image of Avatar when I think of connection to the Divine – and my darlings – I am walking a painful road back to my own being I feel I lost in 2017. But reconnect I must, believing I must. Having faith, I must. Trust, I must… because without this core internal supports I will go crazy.

Never be ashamed of who you are. You are unique and from the spiritual chakra, it is said that we are coded to be different. Different in a good way.

If you feel lost today, take my hand and walk with me, back to where you feel you have misplaced parts of yourself. On the journey, we will find joy, and pain… and from that we will learn, TOGETHER.

Be an AVATAR today, connect either your tail to Earth, or your head to the Divine. And may He/She listen and hand you what you need.


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