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Greetings, Good morning, Blessed Monday!

Bit of a busy weekend this side, but good, as every foot that comes through the door, helps feeding the felines in the house. That can never be a bad thing!

How can I help you today? By listening to your internal being, by assisting you with a constrain. By placing myself in your shoes, or by simply being here? Tell me, what do you want to speak about for the rest of the week, some parents are getting ready for children returning to school, others like me, are preparing to have the children at home (well one, but feels like 20) 😊

Or should be jump around and see what touches you this week?

I must challenge you too in asking what you can add towards my illusive sanity? Well now, that is a subject open for discussion, isn’t it?

The simple art of being grateful:

I have often wondered about us humans, yeah, the brain works, and I still maintain that humans fascinate me and scare the crap out of me most of the time. But what is the art of being grateful? Let us think about all the things that we take for granted every single day.

We wake up, not happy because our eyes are actually working – must moaning because it is MONDAY again and it means work… We climb out the bed, instead of being happy that our legs can still carry us, we moan because it is MONDAY.

We switch the kettle on for tea or coffee, not thankful that we don’t have to stoke a fire at 3 in the morning to have it ready to make such… instead we moan because… yes, you have it. It is Monday.

Not thinking about an awesome weekend that had passed, where the choices were up to us, making the most of the time, we complain about the fact that the time had passed, and we cannot go back in time, and the should have’s and the could have’s role on in… grateful



  1. feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received.

“I’m grateful to you for all your help”

synonyms: thankful, filled with gratitude, appreciative; More
  • archaic

received or experienced with gratitude; welcome.

“the grateful shade”

’Being grateful is a mindset, a focus on and towards all that is good in your life. It seems to me that a compare and contrast might be the clearest way to answer this question.

Not being grateful is an orientation towards negativity, all too often hidden behind the rationalization of being “realistic”. Consistently seeing the glass as half full (or less), focusing on disappointments, unfulfilled desires, and seeing nothing but doom, gloom, and tornadoes in every cloud is not being grateful. Expecting the worst and then wallowing in the misery when the worst appears is not being grateful.’

And the explanations are as long as I am tall. But is “being grateful” not a personal and unique choice? One can ask, how can someone be grateful for a hard life? It is easy – you can use what the universe and YOU have decided to come and learn, and actually do just that – learn, or you can as above state – wallow in the misery called life… and oh, that famous saying “misery loves company”. Yeah, I have learned what that means.

I posted on my private wall not so long ago, starting with “DO NOT FEEL SAD FOR ME”, and by gods, many read it as “I am sad”.

I meant it, as I am the light, and so I shall shine no matter what. No matter the constant daily challenges, no matter the heart-ship and heartbreak, no matter the “at times” complete and utter distraught and soul shattering experiences.

I am grateful for every bad day, and every bad experience, it has shaped me into a woman I am proud of being. I live life honestly, yes, I am human too and have many faults – however I am the first to admit such. Learn from it, take all the consequences from every bad choice, and “carry on”.

Let us open the can of worms and ask – does it mean that I am negative when I am ungrateful? Two way street I think. It does depend on what side of the road you on… It can mean that “I”, refuse to see any beauty, any happiness, any good in life, but it can also mean that “I” am in need of a helping hand, someone to show me the sunshine and the beauty in the world around…

We tend to look at the “things” we don’t have, instead of showing gratitude to the “things” we do have.

We “look” for the cloud on a sunshine day, instead of simply enjoying the sunshine… Can it be changed? As I cannot answer for you, I will speak as always for myself.

Yes, in my simple world it can. I stand back and look at my home. It doesn’t look the picture it used to be. I mean, whom can say that their homes are beautified with a 5 year old running around… and then there are the 40 cats… clawing and “in other people’s worlds” destroying my furniture… Even if I am grateful for the couches that I can offer you to sit on, I am no longer materialistic (I was), see, the dualities in “being grateful”. One extreme to another…

I can safely say, that being “grateful” or the art thereof, is a very personal and unique choice. What we are grateful for, is very different, and rightfully so. You may be happy that you can financially sustain your family, or that you have good health after a long illness… Does that make you positive though?

There is my rock in the bush this morning, let see what birds fly out 😊


  1. Dear Reader,

    Thank you for the feedback, we are in the “know” that different dictionaries are used in many regions of the world, and it may not come up us a “spelling” or grammar error in the feed. It is also noted that at times the fingers are faster than the brain and a letter is missed, sadly, that doesn’t show up either.

    Grateful that said constraints have not kept you from reading and visiting us.

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