Third Eye Extended

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Greetings Beautiful readers, family and friends,

If you are anything like me this morning, all confused on which day it is, what year, what solar system…

Don’t feel alone.

The husband and I shared in the act of release, burning as much founded clutter as we could over the weekend. Dear heavens, the ritual of such did something to us both. As I cannot speak for anyone else, the world of “tired” rested on my shoulders. Now sitting here, it feels like a veil has covered the sensations of “letting-go”. One thing that did happen, a “freak” flame jumped and singed Nick’s eye lashes and some hair… But fire burns clean right.

Emotional as it was, we both felt strangely “lighter”, and on checking the firepit found the coals still piping hot yesterday.

I do hope your weekend has been one without human drama, pain or suffering. Hopeful that you had time to look within and find some strength in your daily struggles….

Are you all ready for an in-depth discussion this morning? Don’t worry darlings, your week is only 4 days long. 😊

The Crown chakra is associated with the capacity to visualise and understand mental concepts.

This include the person’s concept of reality and the universe or how they see the world and how they think the world is likely to respond to them.

If this centre is counter-clockwise, one has the CONFUSED mental concepts, or images about REALITY that is not true and is usually negative. The person holding them projects them onto the world and creates their world by them. If this centre is clogged and weak, the person is usually blocked in creative ideas, simply because the amount of energy flowing through this centre is small.

Did you know, with this centre strongly countering and the executive centre strongly functioning, it can create such havoc in life. The executive is at the back of the head. (if you were wondering). I do hope you are learning a little more, on the known chakras and understanding that there is always a partner for this…

During the therapy process of purifying or sorting our negative belief images, when an image arises in the energy system and begins to function dominantly, this centre will probably spin counter, even if it is usually clock wise.

This therapy process brings the image to the fore and causes it to manifest in the life of the person. With therapeutic help, the person will understand and see the image clearly for what it is. The centre will then energetically turn and spin clockwise.

A seasoned therapist will know it is not the norm for this chakra, understand the chaotic messages received from it, reading that an issue regarding one of the client’s concepts of reality is strongly shaking the personality.

The mental executive is associated with implementing the creative ideas formulated through the centre in the forehead.

OPEN: Ideas, followed with appropriate action -materialize

CLOSED: struggle to manifest and ideas to fruition.

Can you imagine what it must feel like to have the front open and the back closed? Many creative ideas, but they never seem to work out. Oh, and what do we do? Blame right… I still and always will maintain, one must look within.

One simply need training on how to carry it out, step-by-step, on the goal (listening to my own voice here too)

Lots of feelings may emerge, “I can’t stand to wait so long”, “I don’t want to take responsibility for what is happening”, “I don’t want to test this idea”, “I do not accept this long process of creation”, “I just want it to happen without so much work”, “You do the work, I’ll be the idea person…” where do you fall today?

This person probably lacked early training in how to take simple steps in the physical world to accomplish his/her chosen purpose. They are also probably resistant to being in the physical reality and in the position of an “apprentice”.

CLOCKWISE: and the idea centre (executive) counter, we have an even more upsetting situation!

Even if the person’s concepts are not in the reality, they will nevertheless proceed to carry the distorted concepts out with a certain amount of success. An example; if you believe the world is a nasty place where “everyone is out for themselves”, so you “take what you want”, and you the ability to do so because you know how to go about it – i.e your “executive” will is functioning, then you may “act” like a criminal.  In this case, the heart is clogged for sure! Your life will prove your idea to a certain extent.

You will be successful to a certain extent until you are caught… on whatever facet, physical, spiritual, emotion etc.

With this configuration you may try to make something happen that is simply not possible in the physical world, or you may be the “mover” that carries out another person’s ideas, whatever they are…

A mouth full on this Tuesday disguised as a Monday.

No matter what the day holds for you, find peace, love and understanding for all. Well at least try!



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    • Hi whereof,

      I like to use my life as a foundation on my information I hand out. Besides that, I have worked through studies for Life Coaching, Spiritual guidance, and a principle psychology practitioner.

      Addition, I take time daily to ensure my message is delivered the way intended. I hope this helps

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