The Throat Chakra

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Greetings Beautiful People,

I do hope that your yesterday had been one of lesser troubles. Oh, dear heavens tested, and tested some more! At least smiling about the external constrains… And that is how we get through stuff right? Hang on with your small toe-nail, even if it is the only thing you have!


The throat chakra, located at the front of the throat, is associated with taking responsibility for one’s personal needs.

The new-born is brought to the breast, but must suck before nourishment is gained. This same principle holds throughout life. As the person matures, the fulfillment of his/her needs rests more and more upon themselves. Maturity is reached and this chakra functions properly when one ceases to BLAME others for one’s LACKS in life and goes out to create what one needs and desires.

This centre also shows what the state of the person is with respect to receiving whatever is coming toward him.

If this centre is measured as counter-clockwise, the person does not take in what is given to them…

This is usually associated with an image about what is that is coming to him in the first place.

That is, if the person sees the world as a negative, generally hostile place, he/she will be cautions and have negative expectations about what is coming his way. Thinking about the heart – expecting hostility, violence or humiliation rather than love and nourishment.

Remember we speak about the psychology of the chakras, as the person opens his throat centre, they will gradually attract more nourishment until he is able to receive so much that they will be able to keep the throat chakra open most of the time.

In the interim, they may very well attract a negative input shortly after opening the centre due to his belief that, that is what will come. When he/she is able to go through this experience, connect to the original cause within himself and find inner trust again, he/she will re-open his throat centre. This process of opening and closing continues until all the misconceptions of receiving or taking in are transformed into trust in a benign nourishing universe.

The aspect of assimilation that occurs at the back of the fifth chakra sometimes referred to as the professional centre, is associated with the person’s sense of self within society, his/her profession and with his peers. If a person is not comfortable in this area of his/her life, then this discomfort may very well be converted by pride to compensate for lack of self-esteem.

The centre at the back of the neck is usually open if one is successful and well suited in one’s work and satisfied with that work as one’s task in life. If the profession is satisfying, the best will be given, if not, the person will hold back from giving their best. Lack of success will be concealed with pride.

This person, will play a part of victim mostly saying that life did not hand the needed opportunities to develop the talent. Pride must be released, and the pain and despair felt and released.

In this centre, we will also uncover the fear of failure that blocks taking the chance to move out and create what one so dearly wants. This also holds true of one’s personal friendships and social life in general.

By avoiding contact, this person also avoids revealing himself and feeling the fear of not being liked on the one hand, and competition and pride like “I’m better than you; you are not good enough for me” on the other. Since our feelings of rejection originate inside and we then project them out onto the other, we avoid the other person to avoid rejection.

Taking the chance of going for the profession you long for, moving toward the contacts you long for and revealing your feeling about it are ways of releasing these feelings and thus opening this chakra.

Hard look before our “long” weekend of rest…

Are you happy with your life, are you where you want to be, does this fulfill you… If not, have courage to change direction.



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