I Pray for You

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Many people tend to believe “we” witches/healers/pagans, argh call us what you will and like, do not pray. We are still seen, with some bone blah in front of us, or stirring a pot – cauldron, and yes, I have one, I have two, one for a blessing – a meal and the other, well I shall leave that to your imagination.

I pray – every time my husband leaves for work, or goes to the shop, or has to run an errand, like normal people do – I pray when I leave my home, that I will see my beloved animals again, be able to have a cup of tea, or sit with old men on my lap, like today, and struggling to type.

I pray when my daughter gets in the car, with or without me (don’t be silly – she drives with daddy as well sometimes, she is only 6 for goodness sake 😊 )

I pray, that no idiot will try and be hero when it rains and risk not only their own lives, but those of others. I pray that I have a healthy life, healthy child, husband, animals… I pray for wisdom; I pray for strength.

I pray for all my friends to be safe, where-ever they may find themselves. I pray for cruelty to stop, for humans to become more aware of their actions… I pray for simple things, like a warm fire – yeay… the first in our home, and I cannot wait.

I pray for calm, to deal with, well, people… that complain, drain, drama all the time. Actually, I think I pray for their mouths to be sewn shut, however, I still pray.

I pray for the healing of others that need it, some I know, some I don’t. I pray for people dealing with heart-ship asking for acceptance… I pray for liars to find the truth within themselves. I pray for people that YES, may not deserve it, but in the end, I hope someone is praying for me too…

No matter what you choose to call the source you believe in, today, I pray for you, and May She touch your cheek gently and lovingly, giving you the re-assurance of something greater and more powerful, that does hear, and listen when you feel all alone…

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