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The human was created with free will. So, we are told. From a biblical (christian) concept it shows that or speaks of the ability to choose “bad” over “good”, and obviously that eternal damnation that awaits you should you choose wrong.

But what is wrong? In my book, wrong will be to willfully and consciously harm other living creature, anything, willfully – even spiders. I have a huge fear of spiders – and I am still sad somewhere inside that in my fear it had to die – my brain tells me it will come back to scare the crap out of me 😊, giggle, it is good for the heart…

Wrong – for me – is to extend your “congenital” jealousy, hateful and sometimes plain spiteful thoughts towards another.

Wrong for me, is to cause drama, trying to outshine another – as if you can ever be the person you are trying to outshine – just saying (should there be a hashtag?)

Wrong for me, but what is wrong for me, may not be for you. My free will is used in saving lives, used in everyday extension of love and healing as much as I can. And in that sense, be selfish too, as I need some for myself…

Have I ever been a cause of wrong – yes, of course I have. Will I do “wrong”, yes, of course I will. I am here to learn. I am here to place one foot in front of the other, minding my own business, and to evolve – hate the word as much as you want to, evolution is the only thing that is constant, as change is constant… And as the dictionary will tell you – evolution is – development.

I had the opportunity to “let go” of stuff yesterday. Baggage that I have been carrying with me for most of my life, and one not so long. I released it. I gave it away.

Drained, yet “lighter”, tired, yet inspired – I look at myself maybe a bit critical this morning…

My personal healing journey started so long ago. Every opportunity that I received to “better” I took, every time the universe tried to teach me something, I may have been stubborn, and non-responsive, point is, I am still healing.

Every day – FREE-WILL- gives me the chance to be better… to be more, to evolve – statements, saying, memes – “You cannot control the situation, but you can control how you respond”… yes, that is my free-will. My take on deciding whether I respond with the “easy” aggression, the “comfortable” knowing response I am so use to – or willfully deciding, to change.

I have set something free, within setting someone free. I have set myself free. And in my new-found freedom, I shall choose wisely what I do with my understanding of right and wrong. Should you find yourself, let’s say, handed lesser attention, remember – no two people have the same journey.

There is no validation needed for my choices, nor an explanation handed, I am becoming more. More me – more authentic, more grounded, more aware, more intuitive, more loving, more caring, more resistant towards nonsense, more connected to some, and lesser to others…

Today, for the first time in 27 years… I feel I am MORE…

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