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This crisp morning, I am not sure if I should allow my fingers the dance over the keys. My heart is full, thus my eyes are leaking. And – yes, I do carry my heart on my sleeve – on my forehead when it comes to my beloved felines… Merlin is still missing…

I have “helpers” this morning, to my left is Lord Mercurius, to my right, madam Mishka, the edge of the desk – Spirit, on the book case sits Ylang, in the cupboard is Shiva and munching on some nibbles – *turning around* Hades.

Allow Healing Evolution a small step back into the past posts. At one stage I said that lessons are unique in learning. Each of us are placed in fire, ice, earth and sometimes a wickedly beautiful tornado – ta-da, the elements – through this we reach, at our OWN pace the divinity of SPIRIT.

Check for yourself where you think, rather “feel” you are. Got it, now hold onto that thought.

With each element obviously comes a lesson right, whether you believe in all this “new-age” stuff (by the way, there is noting new about it), or not is of no concern right now.

Easy one – Ice (water), see, there are differences in the element as well, frozen, floods, gentle stream.

Earth – climbing that mountain, in a volcano, sipping a pina-colada on the beach somewhere watching the sun go down.

And so, it continues.

What is my point this morning – as I am also trying desperately to control the wild horses in my mind, the train in my heart, and the dreaded feeling in my stomach.

Everyone has been going on about the re-birth, the eclipse, the “blood” moon, the apparent illumination of the planet. But did you wake up on Saturday morning and all was magically different?

Did Sunday bring the changes you were waiting for – or that had been predicted?

Or maybe the wand was a tad “off” and it only appeared on Monday morning…

It takes work, it takes change, it takes evolution of the self, facing the “demons” (lack of a better term), it takes understanding, it takes – KNOWING THY SELF.

Learning – constantly, finding the reason in an experience and using the lesson as a taught skill the next time it comes around. People are sometimes very lazy – they don’t want to do the work. They seek a “magical” quick-fix, and when it doesn’t work – the spiritual practitioner gets a bad name.

Use what you have to your advantage – if you are frozen (and a little girl voice is singing – Let it go) 😊 just wait, wait until the ice melts and stand in the water until it has served the purpose, either gently nurturing the ground for flowers to bloom around your feet, or to find the way towards a stream, or the sea.

Wait until the tornado has touched down, and you have experienced the silence within the void, and see where the universe has placed you.

If you are birthed through fire – step out when the flames have served the purpose and rebuilt.

There are constant lessons around us, it comes from places we are not even aware.

Healing evolution have requested silence, have asked you to stand still, and we are asking again this morning.

It may seem as whiff-whaff, irrelevant gibberish – but I promise you one thing, if you really truly want to feel the changes everyone is talking about – take the time to work on yourself and take the time to evolve – as time is all you have right now.

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