Mere Mortal

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A new fresh blank page, like everyday where we can write the stories we want to keep in our books called life. With every day, we have choices, and we can either decide to look at the blank page thinking not much of substance will be added…. Or we can look at the page and write the most beautiful story imaginable…

Some say the full moon is in Capricorn, some say it is Sagittarius, two very different concepts if you follow all these galactic influences. My choice, I will stay with Sagittarius, energy of life.

Perspective and inspiration. The centaur. And how beautiful can he/she aim that cross bow, aiming towards the sense of purpose.

I spoke about the silence, and the universe is actually, with the planetary alignments, showing me that I am on the right track here.

We are in a “status check” for the next 6 months of the year. If you are anything like me, dear southern hemisphere readers, you will have the belief system of the “new” year only starting at Hallow eve.

What is the full moon about at times – sometimes like this time, showing you, or asking you, to look at your belief systems, to expand your awareness. To look at those higher Ideals, to consider open-mindedness, challenge your drives, and seek the motivations behind your inner being.

It may seem like useless information today, but let me assure you, I have some knowledge on the planets and their influences on us mere mortals.

Saturn is the polar opposite of Jupiter – asking you for patience, requiring self-discipline. One, teeny tiny step at a time. Remember, never to allow the fires to burn out, one can keep the internal fires going, or with a little help spark it back to life again… don’t allow the changes that are insistent from the universe to have you sit back and allow the flame of hope burning out.

Set your course for the next 6 months. And use the energies well between tonight and tomorrow – depending on where you are, it is an in between full moon this time around.

There are planets out there that are requesting you to look at – action. Sparking initiative. Others like Jupiter, that falls retro in Libra, your relationships, the balance of the universal beauty and your internal balance. Everything that is out of balance in your world, does need attention – give the time to heal from past hurts, many people that I have been speaking with, has told me they feel out-of-sorts.

I am one of them, however I am aware of what is happening in the skies above us.

See, one simple thing of Jupiter going direct sometime in July in Libra, will help with those “out of whack” relationships… Ah, but we stand in the pre-shadow of Mercury retrograde from the 2nd of July.

Today is not a lesson in the astrological impact from the night, or day skies above us. It is to let you know, that no matter what is happening in your little world, understand that you must be challenged to grow. You must experience the beauty of the expansion of your world. In order for you to grow, and to evolve to the supreme creation you are meant to be.

Resistance is futile, blame is childlike, be careful with your thought, and even more so with your words…

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