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Greetings earth travellers,

From a long stretch of silence, to a bouncy cat this morning. We had a beautiful meditation over the weekend. From the dark to the light, the journey to middle earth and gaining the wisdom of the trees.

There are always many things to speak about and writing that the chances of people misunderstanding your message. True, you cannot see my face, nor hear my words, as it is your view of what is being said.

I have been on a path of speaking honestly, not sharing as much “book” knowledge with you but sharing from my heart. Some may enjoy it, others not so much. From the website, people enjoy the honesty and the freedom of handing a little guidance towards the mystical animals in the room, except the elephant… He is very much real, maybe ignored… but real.

I am opening myself up for crucifying. Life path – or just a path. When we are in the woods, we follow the trail, warning signs all over to stay on the path –  most of us do… then there are those, like me that venture off just a tad, but still safe. Others make their own trail. And good on you!

My point this morning, no person can determine your path. No person can dictate the choices for you. And no person can be blamed for the choices that YOU have made. Ah, did that hit a nerve?

We were all young and “stupid” once. We all made mistakes. And no matter the home you were raised in, at some point you had to take the responsibility for you own actions. If you were cocooned and had the help of parents, or other family rolling the boulders out of your way, whom am I but mere mortal to judge. Hopefully you have learned from what ever the experience was.

But what is it about us, that we cannot accept another being? I don’t know how many times over I have walked full circle back to this subject, and every time, even I learn more. Could it be that we fear for the other when they wander off the trail, could it be that we are jealous, because we don’t have the guts to do the same? Or is it pure judgement – rendering those as stupid.

Last week, I mentioned to a friend that there is one thing that stand out from my childhood, not a very nice experience, however I can look at it, differently and more positively in my later years. That experience forced me off the trail, and NO, I was not emotionally ready to take those steps. It did however guide me to not do the same with my daughter, a fresh 6 year old.

The resistance to accept another choice, the resistance to expand our own internal evolutionary “clock”, and the gossip that goes towards those that are BRAVE enough to do so… What is it about us?

I wish I had all the answers, I wish from all the excavation of the authenticity of humans, I understood… There is a saying in the pagan community – or the creed, “Do what ye will, harm none”. But even within those “communities” there are the same human influences, the resistance towards accepting another person, just the way they are.

If there is one thing, I want my daughter to grow up with, is the simple yet fundamental, do not manipulate people to your will, ideas and opinions. Listen, observe, interact and hand the space for the other to share their own unique beautiful truth and path with you.

If today you call me and tell me what an arse your partner is, I will stand with you… If you call me tomorrow and tell me that you still love them and see a beautiful future, I stand with you too… Those are your choices, and I am not to influence the way you feel, think or live your life – as long as you harm none – including yourself 😊

Granting space for you, is my boon – may you find the wonder of wandering off the trail – stay safe and shout if you need a hand.

Much love

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