I Am Proud

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Good Morning Beautiful and beloved Earth travellers,

I do like that word so much – traveller – are we not always on the road to somewhere, but how does the song go…on the road to nowhere.

It depends on how you view it I suppose. Nowhere, somewhere all in one?

You and I are always on a journey. Some part of you needs to evolve, and that is where you journey lies. It could be all at once, but I suppose that is where the chaos of the world set in. Or it can be that we are so impatient that we need everything RIGHT NOW.

Yeah, I remember that horrid little feeling, of demand. I want it right now, eh, and don’t make me ask twice. And the universe goes, really, bah, I do not bow to the demanding place of a 5 year old. Shall I teach you a lesson in respect?

Seems I am struggling to string a sentence together that makes sense this morning. I think my brain has left or are still in bed.

You have heard the world say, You, are what you eat, you are master of your ship (me I say shit), what you put in you get out… What you think you become. All those over the top little quirky “sayings” that are in fact said to make you feel better, or change your ways, or make you think.

How many of us use them, when I say “use” I mean, speak it. To get to the point of putting it into practice, I have found, take so much from you as a person.

I can tell you, all good things come to those that wait. You will think, oh, life must be so easy for her. I can tell you that you are the only person that can change your life- again, you may think, dear gods, if that woman only knows how bad my life really is… YES?

So, I will not throw any of these at you today.

What I am going to do is ask you to stand still, in your mind, just for a while, and journey with me for 5 min, or however long it takes to read. Do not just close the scriptures, I want you to go and think today.

When we are growing up, our first response towards anything new, is the thought that we cannot do it. Whether it be riding that bike, drawing a straight line, reading… anything new!

We venture on the path of learning, yes? (One would hope)

We try every day, failing miserably, until that special moment that we succeed in doing something. Do you remember that feeling? That feeling of absolute pride overwhelming you, as you run off to show someone. And what is it that you need…

You need another person to say, well done. You need another person to be as excited as you in your achievement.

But what happens to when you don’t get that?

One of two things can happen, either you become an over achiever, or you just do not bother to try anything new, as no one (in your mind) believes that you can. Ah, that beautiful sub-conscious that took the first incident as truth and are blocking you.

Yes, you read right. YOU, are holding yourself back by now. The inspiration came from a quick chat this morning. Not mentioning names, but I know that reading here, you know I am speaking directly to you.

We tell ourselves on so many occasions that we cannot do something. I have this thing of, try first, and then build from there. Sure, we can’t all be a Picasso, or Michael Angelo, A Thomas Edison or whom ever you remember where great achievers. If you keep on measuring yourself to such works of wonder, you will constantly feel and look inferior.

It is where our passion lies. Not all of us can be in sales, have the silver tongue to close deals. Nor can we be painters, or great inventors. But have you thought of your own soul passion. What makes your heart thump a little louder than usual? What gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling of achievement.

Your small contribution to what makes you feel worthy is what you are meant to do. Stop telling yourself you cannot. You can. If you are determined to succeed, to stand the test of time, to keep going when everything else is showing you to stop. Keep going. Don’t be ridiculous in failing life as well, so determined to keep going on the same route that you self-destruct. That is not what I am saying at all.

When you feel you have reached the brick wall, change the direction, keep the core idea, but go back to drawing board and see where you can improve.

Remember we spoke about “winners and losers” (don’t like using that word much), what winners do, and what losers do. Don’t find all the excuses in the book to not try. Nor subject yourself to the pain of continual failure. Change the direction.

For you my special friend. Telling yourself that you do not have the knowledge in this lifetime, is just that. YOU, telling your NOW life, that you do not. Every time you utter those words, the universe grant you exactly what you said. DO NOT, CANNOT, NOT. Mmhhh, makes one think right, well it does me.

Stand still, be still and look at all the things you have achieved. All the things that no one gave you a pat on the back and said well done. Have you given yourself that pat? Have you told yourself, I am proud? It may be a small as getting up in the morning from a night of wrestling your inner demons, ok, wait that is huge, as small as getting yourself to smile in a world, determined (in your mind) to bring you down… that is huge too… see, my point is, no achievement is small.

Feel everything you have done, see everything you have done, and let the wonder of YOU consume you so much that you feel indestructible today.

You are a warrior, believe it.


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