Life on Hold

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Greetings beautiful Wise warriors,

How has the weekend been? I do hope one of love, and healing energies, one of wise decisions, one of family and togetherness?

Us here had a quiet weekend. The furkins are feeling the cold, and coming in more willingly at night, or maybe they are just hungrier, who knows… The husband worked most of Saturday, thus the day and night spent with a Peanut, not feeling so well. Yesterday it had been my turn in feeling a little out of sorts.

There I was yesterday, watching the direction the sun is setting, worried that internal co-ordinates have been disturbed in some way… then reminding myself that we are a “slant” for winter, and that I have not lost the plot completely. (yes, I did go and check the compass, just be sure)

Most mornings, my head start off with topics for discussion, by the time I sit down, all the magic moments seemed to have taken a walk.

So, from a “just now” conversation, I found the topic for today. (I do love that word… so… 😊)

“This needs to happen before I can….”

How often do we place life on hold? I like to say, all the time.

We tell ourselves that we cannot do something, because we are waiting for XYZ, to take place, only then can we continue whatever venture we want to embark on. Ok, ok, I will give it to you, we at times need to wait for that corruptive currency called money, to continue with some things, we want to do. But we also allow that currency to place a hold on our dreams.

Wishes, dreams and daydreaming does not get stopped because of no money. It is stopped because we choose it.

Does it make you completely despondent thinking up your dreams, then realizing that you don’t have that currency to bring it to life, and you stop? Guess what you have done, you have birthed something, and before it can comprehend germination, you have told yourself you cannot, because you don’t have, blah whatever it is that you think you need.

Oh, I do the same. All the time. Most of us do that. I am to remind myself that I am having a human experience as well at the best of times.

But think of where your life could be if you allowed those dreams and wishes to flourish? If you had given your all to one thought at a time and help that tiny baby plant to grow. You would have had mighty trees by now.

Maybe it is fear, fear of failing? But if we never fail at something, we will not learn a better approach on lessons in our life.

How many seedlings do you have? My cupboard is filled with them. I am sure yours too. I take my hat off to farmers. They have patience to watch crops grow, knowing when the right time is to remove weeds, when to water, when to harvest. You know, it is knowledge passed down from generation to generation. It is also, trail and error. I am sure many have cried inside over draught, over a locust infestation, over a small harvest. But I am certain that they have learned and no, they cannot play god, but have the knowledge to see the signs for disaster and work around it.

Us in the ‘mainstream’ of life, we have forgotten what it feels like to tend the fields of life. Commercialism has made life easy. Need a bread, go to the 24hour shop, easy see? What about the dude on the farm in the middle of no-where. He and she have learned that there must be time to bake and ensure all the necessities are gathered to have a bread. Knowledge turned to wisdom.

We tell ourselves daily that we cannot do something. Years later, we have created a behavioural pattern of believing that only once one thing fall in place, can the other materialise.

We place our lives on hold.

There is no long and lengthy discussion today, however one of challenge – take time in your busy schedule to see if the lands are ok, can you plant, what plants are salvageable… and start dreaming again. Feed those dreams and see the wonder of the universe respond in your life. Believe that you are the master and that you can do what is needed for your happiness. No, you do not need to be a millionaire to action dreams, you only need your own will and drive. It will happen, believe it so!

I shall be off dreaming big dreams today. Finding a course of action to have the harvest come in bountiful.

We are standing at our last harvest for “our” year, the harvest of souls, and let us think for a second, this can be letting those old dreams (no longer growing plants) go.

Happy excavation of dreams of plans… remember not to get caught up in the HOW.


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