Friday the 13th, Fund Friday 13 April

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Good Morning Beautiful Galactic Oracles….

What a beautiful day it will be, why you may ask. It is Friday firstly – not that I sit on my fingers on a weekend, but other than that, it is the 13th.

Many of us are superstitious, you say not? Just look at your little quirks, and small voices in the head telling you otherwise… We all have some form of superstition somewhere. But today we will not excavate all those irrational thinking patterns to convince you of such.   You are, and that is the end. 😊

Guess what I came across yesterday… no, no gold or diamonds, well depends on what you hold as a huge find.

Some books and cards that I wanted to ship out last year. For some strange reason, many did not make it out of the house. I have to wonder why – maybe I have not taken enough information from them, not learned much, or not handed the needed respect towards the author. Who knows, there are still names attached to the books, with addresses to mail to, mmmhhh…. Wondering this morning I am – says Yoda!

I think I will sit patiently and see what the Universe decide, this time of the year, I only look towards the last harvest. Then to Yule, and the promises in both of these hugely celebrated Sabbaths for me.

Over the years, I had to “tone” my larger than life personality. Did I do it for anyone else, not so much, but I have realised that not many can handle and outspoken, honest, in your face person… I still “hang the hair”, but not so much anymore. I don’t know if it is age, or just some form of “growing up”, which ever it may be, I am of the know, that fewer and fewer people live a brutal honest life. It does make me sad, in many interactions, that people, lie to themselves more than anything else…

But we are not going to run down that thorn riddled road this morning.. Today, we are testing your sense of humour…

Act like a 5 year old, sit in the middle of the shopping centre and scream and shout over something you want…. See what responses you get. Oh and take videos… I need a good laugh too. Why am I not doing it? I believe shopping centres are toxic… the end.

It will be too late to do it tomorrow, but I guess I can go sit in front of a dear friend’s stall at the Zen market, and cry over all the puuuurty stuff I want… Hey Danie Malan… run… 😊

Tell me about a story that still makes you laugh today here is mine…

The incubator was in “town” with me one Friday, taken the bus and we were walking out of the trams in Port Elizabeth. Now if any of you know this place, you know that there are shops “underground” one level down, yes?

I worked at that stage at Scotts clothing (see, many moons ago). Anyway, across from Scotts, there was an optometrist….

The incubator saw an old friend inside…. She pulled the sliding door CLOSED and proceeded to walk in… yeah, straight into the door… I am laughing so much right now (again).

My thoughts were about, you sure were going into the right place, wearing glasses already, maybe you should have your eyes tested again… But as I turned, laughing myself stupid, I fell over the bench… served me right I guess…  (now I am laughing at myself). Sho, and we get embarrassed hey? Still to this day… I laugh myself stupid when witnessing a fall… it does depend guys, I am not heartless… but when accompanied, by say.. closing a door to walk in… that makes me laugh…

Now that you all are laughing… share those stories, and let us create a laughing fun Friday!!!!



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