Moving Mountains

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The main reason someone moves mountains, wins friends, influences people, amasses a fortune, or anything else, Shuveny… is because they thought they would.

You can do this,

The Universe

What is that famous saying – “whether you believe you can, or believe you cannot, you will be right”…

How many of us were told as children you can be anything you want to be “someday”, and then you stand at 40, and maybe you remember that you were once told you can be anything you want to be…

AH, and then there is the flip-side of that coin… being told you will never amount to anything in life. You are stupid, your head is flat, you are fat, you are ugly, you are… argh fill in the dots. The sad and ugly truth is, you believe this too.

You might be thinking that I am going to go off in a song and dance about being all “positive”, nope, you have it wrong…
See, that facet has no relevance in the end, not here, not with this. Belief and faith are in the end supported by a positive attitude, and then we have reality. An empty wallet, worries, stress, you name it.

I touched on the inner child oh so subtly yesterday again. Remember Pinocchio, with his cricket as the voice in his head? This above, is about the cricket, the voice that echo’s none stop all the things we sponged up – from outside of us.

I tell you again, no one is born, believing they will never amount to anything, hate, hurt, pain, but also, not knowing joy, true happiness. Have you watched a baby, that little human soon realises that his or her smile brings a smile to moms face…

Ah, yes, pull out that thinking cap – bring the thoughts of moving those mountains back, find the bravery once again. And it is ok, if you sit once again in the dark, crying into your pillow, and think “I have not achieved today”. You did, you got up, you faced the day, you continued, you struggled, you made it.

I have voices in my head too, (certifiable right), nope, just honest. I have voices I battle daily. They tell me I am not worthy; I am not making a difference; I am not enough. But I am, and I fight them, I fight them with all I have.

Because my beautiful readers, I get up, I face the mountain once again. I know that I will fall and bleed but I will reach the top. I believe that I am strong in my weakness, and weak in my strength. I believe that each of us are connected, the path similar and different. The constant learning, the constant reaching out. The solid belief and faith, that somewhere out there I reach whom I am supposed to reach. That my journey had purpose, that it still has purpose.

From a mind that travel great journeys, to your device, may you have a blessed day

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