The Paper on The Wall

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I am sure, many readers have beautiful certificates that hang on the wall. Achievement, that one should be proud of. It is what I call – BOOK-KNOWLEDGE.

Once I mentioned in a “chatter” on my page and group about the utter ineffectiveness of ALL those beautifully framed pieces of paper. I was told on the side – “Have you lost the plot”, and “your post made me feel as if I have not achieved anything because I don’t have those “dust-collecting” framed things on my wall”.

Personally, I have little appreciation speaking “book”, vomiting beautifully “reads” and NOW you are “all-knowing”. The offer towards this person stood to become certified – I can do that; however, you must go through the “process” in order to understand the human experience of the development. Which takes about 18 months.

Anyone that has ever sat across from me, or have been to one of my talks, knows, I use MY LIFE as a foundation. I speak from an experience. The books only helped me in the end to understand myself better, and to relate with consideration.

The books did not tell me it is okay to be as weird as most see me. Life, lessons, experiences, good or bad… those helped me in the end.

It is not to say that the piece of paper stating your hard work and drive is not relevant, but it does not in the end – define you as an individual.

I am still studying, reading other people’s perceptions, and in hope able to incorporate that which I am reading within my own world.

As I am sitting here today, my heart is “on my sleeve”, I am an emotional ball of tears. With this, I am ok, with NOT being ok.

I prefer REAL people, those that honour what they preach, live what they say, show their TRUE selves, and are proud of being part of this crazy world we are in.

Healing evolution, hands you messages, it tells you stories of “me”, not for ag shame, not for “attention”, however in such hope that somewhere you can, for just a second, know, feel and understand that somewhere, someone is undergoing a process similar to yours…

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