Extroversion & Introversion

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Greetings Blessed of the Divine,

How are you all this morning, besides maybe slightly frozen as winter sets in, in full swing around Gauteng, well not just here but in S.A, urgh ok… the Southern Hemisphere. 😊

It was a beautiful 3 degrees outside last night, and the wind was blowing cobwebs from my ancient mind.

Before we grace you with some feedback on the first classification of my personality, I would like to share something.

You know even with being a highly evolved individual, and aware of my emotional status more so now than ever before. I too, can fall off that wagon and become a little fragile at times. The simple comment of “oh that will be a couple of rands”, had my inner being feeling very sorry for herself this morning. Ok, you need background here. I did my first solitary ritual in two years, and my wonderful husband switched the heater on in the room, as said, it was 3 degrees outside last night. I forgot to turn it off when I left the room… this morning while having a nice cuppa, I was asked if I remembered to switch it off, and the realisation of not doing it, had me in a bit of a flat spin. I know the comment was not intended to hurt or make me feel bad – however it did. All I could do was apologise for contributing to a bigger electricity bill, even that did not make me feel any better. Growing the business takes time, and most know patience is not my forte! I almost felt as if it had been an attack on contributing lesser now than what I did months ago. But see, here is the magic, I know this is my emotional status, and I know I cannot hold someone else responsible for what I feel. See, evolution at its best. 😊

Thought I will share that with you all this morning, as we continue to show you the personality trademark I have, maybe you will understand why I felt the way I did this morning. It is captivating. I am amazed at the person I am today, comparing it to the person I was a year ago, or even a month ago, still holds me in awe at the knowledge turned to wisdom.

Before I give you the first breakdown, I have mentioned the sections we will cover, Extroversion, Emotionality, Thoroughness, Openness, Agreeableness, Sensing vs. Intuiting, Thinking vs. Feeling and Judging vs. Perceiving.

The friends that know me personally, were as close to dammit as to a swear word.

But have you thought of what it means? When you tell me, I am both introvert and extrovert, I need alone time and I need to socialise, have you looked at the bigger picture and thought about well firstly the implication of such a personality trade, secondly, your own, and where you think you are on the scale from 0-100?

You ready?

The first in the personality factors:

Extroversion: Where is your energy naturally directed? Extroverts’ energy is directed primarily outward, towards people and things OUTSIDE of the themselves. Introverts’ energy is primarily INWARD, towards thoughts, perception and reactions.

I scored a 55% on the scale. I am classified as “moderate with a tendency towards high” in extroversion.

But what does this mean you may ask. I tend to be sociable and talkative. I value social companionship, I may have a strong need to eb around others, and I do not have a problem meeting new people/making friends – here is the catch – WHEN AND IF I FEEL MOTIFATED TO DO SO.

The mix between the traits of extrovert and introvert creates an interesting situation: Extroverts tend to be more naturally active, expressive, social and interested in many things; whereas introverts tend to be more reserved, reflective, private and interested in fewer interactions BUT with greater DEPTH and FOCUS.

I manifest both tendencies – want to live in my body for a week – I waiver between the two, sometimes for “streaks” of a week or two at a time.

It deems me as interesting and unpredictable to many people. Interesting – the “good”, unpredictable the “bad”. But you know, just to throw a stone in the bush – this comes from both the moon and sun sign, I did say that the personality feedback has little to do with astrology, but as an eclectic being, it does have an impact.

The expert said that that I like to experience the world by being “IN” it, moving around, meeting it, working on it with my own tow hands. I seek stimulation and I am frequently on the go, actually gaining energy from moving around, rather than losing it.

My primary motivational force: REFLECTIVE INTERACTION

It is often difficult to balance my extrovert yearning for human contact against my occasional but equally strong, introverts need for privacy and solitude. It is with great importance that I recognize and SATISFY BOTH tendencies. Simply because the introvert recovers and gain strength by having loads of personal space, both mental and physical, in which we can think without outside interruption.

A virtue of my introverted side is that it puts a limitation on my extrovert’s desire to speak compulsively. A primary characteristic of my introverted side is the intensively observance and reflectiveness. As I am a mixed intro/extro, I can speak on an impromptu basis, but with active reflection and observation. This provides me with a unique advantage over the purely extroverted speaker.

With this unique mixture, finding a job that allows for both companionship and being part of a team, and the calmness and solitude needed becomes a huge juggle. I have been in retail for many years, loving it and hating it the same time. There was no-where to find the calm, the quiet and the solitude needed in the day to balance and keep both traits happy… In truth, I could not wait to get out of the noise, the hum of the lights, the over stimulation of the chatter and the different objects on show… However happy the next morning to hear the chatter and the interaction.

You may think that it is not important to know these things about yourself, and that it cannot show or teach you something you did not know before – I was the same sceptic, however grateful that my journey in the last 3 years have made me realise that it is important to know exactly who I am, warts and all.

Have a blessed, beautiful and abundant day.


  1. This pagе dеfinitely has aⅼl the info I needed concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

    • Dear reader,

      Thank you for the comment, keep them coming. We thrive on the feedback we receive.
      We are excavating my own personality in the days to comes, covering fast subjects or rather facets of the human construction.

      Stay tuned

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