The Courage to Heal

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Today is the day for you to let go of things that no longer serve you.

This is not a talk on old clichés – but about truth and authentic feelings, and how it damages our physical bodies.

Are you experiencing constant;

  • Back pain,
  • Joint pain,
  • Leg craps,
  • Chest pains,
  • Head aches?

The first thing we do is cover the feeling with western drugs – as physical pain is not something anyone of us subscribe to.

But if we take a moment and think when this pain first started?
What was happening in our lives at that point of physical pain manifesting?

Are we able to go back to that event or incident?

How much do you remember from your childhood? Do you have lapses in your adult life? Are there moments that you cannot recall details of a gathering – may it be social or family?
If there had been no hurt, no pain, no embarrassment, NO ABUSE in your life – how much more would you be today?

What do you think about constructive criticism? –

We can sit and say I have suffered no abuse – my question to you will be – has anyone made a remark about you being stupid, your weight, your speech, your personality, your choices… the list goes on.

Did bad relationships make you die a little inside? (Ask for hand raised)
Have you had a boss speak down to you at work (raise hands)
Did some form of abuse make you tell yourself that you do not care any-more – did you lose yourself because you are too scared to feel?

Why do you have difficulty to trust? Where you maybe not wanted when your mother became pregnant. Was it a difficult birth? Or is it that you have been let down by grown-ups – while you were growing up?

That my friends are abuse, and it manifests somewhere within you. That my friends is where the pain is locked within your physical body.

Do you know that the subconscious mind stores everything – all that you are, all you have been, and daily from now onward for the rest of your life.

Do you know that through healing within you can explore your subconscious mind?
Understanding all the aspects of making you, YOU.
Through having the courage to heal you can unlock all the doors in your mind, understanding yourself, understanding why you react the way you do in some relationships.

There are so many questions one can ask – and also many diverse answers.
Each of us are unique, we have our own path and experiences we have been exposed to in order to grow and learn and heal.

  • FEAR: that beautiful monster that gets to you when no one is looking.
  • INSECURITY: that horrid sister monster of fear that turns you crazy in your own skin.
  • DOUBT: that subconscious that is weakening you and making you give up halfway through
  • FEELING: I will leave this open to interpretation – but ask you – are you really feeling?

Let us remember that all these so-called negative “issues” make you who you are.
Learning to accept them and reprogram the feelings gives you superiority over the monster words we have touched.

My next comment may make some squirm in the seats. 🙂

How many of you have daily affirmations?
Do they work for you?

One can affirm daily that I am enough, or I deserve to be loved – but if you do not believe this within, it means nothing.

*Who has been told that they are useless, worthless, stupid, or not able to do it?

One bad expression like “you are worthless” and your conscious mind accepting that as truth – the internal battle begins to reclaim the belief of an affirmation.

Abuse is a vast subject – there are so many forms of abuse and new strands are born daily – seriously – as we are becoming more in touch with ourselves the abuser has to find new ways of breaching the barrier.

We can not single one out or say that one form of abuse is lesser of importance than the other.
But I think that sexual abuse is the one that stands first for me, emotional abuse second – that belief that is born in you that you are the cause of all evil.

We lock this so far away in our minds that we doubt if it ever happened. Some women (and men) have dysfunctional sexual relationships – I believed that sex is love (well at an age for boys it is… 🙂 )

Our minds develop coping mechanisms. Some turn to drugs, alcohol… prostitution.
Some of us become obsessive with security, familiar places – comfortable places. The most common – CONTROL.
Little rituals – lock the door, switch this light off, then that one, walk on this side of the passage, parking in the same spot at work,
Let us just think what happens to us when our supermarket has changed the sections around…. the world has come to a standstill. 🙂

A personal glimpse at me –

  • I had breast cancer in my twenties
  • Cervical cancer (discovered after the birth of my daughter) 4 years ago
  • Off late stage 4 thyroid cancer.

Is it not that the most vulnerable parts of my body have been affected? The places that make me a woman so to speak.

And my voice that was silenced as a child – no one saw, no one listened. Being molested by cousins, uncles, family friends, my stepfather. Did not speak about being raped twice in my life – my neck – throat chakra was affected.

I discover parts of myself daily, my anger is focused on the right target. I am no longer self-destructive.

I know that what happened to me was not my fault, my journey is to acknowledge those dark parts within me without judgment.

Why do you think it takes courage to heal?

Everything you feel, anything you know, everything you believe will be turned upside down – you will be forced out of your comfort zone, you will be forced to venture to the dark rooms in your soul.

Do you not think that you are worth spending time on?

What better time than now? Why wait to unlock your true self and your potential to grow and understand your own being.

It is not easy, but then again, if it was you would not learn from it.

I extend the invitation to you to join me on the journey to heal.

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