Art of Listening

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Good Morning Beautiful Souls,

Right, we had a slow day yesterday, not much happening on this side, other than curled up with kitties, trying to have the nut keep still (impossible), poor cats got spooked by something or someone last night at lock down, to such an extend that they ran into the glass door, wee’d on poor Phoenix, and refused to come for their treats… Still not sure what happened, but are looking at kitties, “crawling” around this morning, STILL.

I am sharing an interesting quick find this morning, and please put down the stones, it is simply a share to have the grey matters working:

“Religion is the spectator sport of spirituality. In religion we give up our authority to another who will perform sacred rituals on our behalf. In a spiritual practice, responsibility remains with us. When a spiritual practice becomes a religion, ceremony is required. Ceremonies, rituals, and sacrifice bind the powers of heaven to the needs of man. Because we are separate from the powers, we require an intermediary, or priest, to conduct the rituals for us. As in all religions, a hierarchy develops between the person who needs help and the powers that can render it. Only if the rituals are correctly performed will help be given. Monks defer to abbots who are more experienced and who, in turn, defer to even more senior members of their faith.”

Fascinating isn’t it? Did it make you think for a second? I think I read past this due to a comment from someone the other day. I stand still in the “Because we are separate from powers”, “bind powers of ‘heaven’ to the NEEDS of man.

Three things I resist in speaking about – religion, politics, and love… The three things easily lied about. Anyway, besides the point.

I love talking, some say I love the sound of my own voice. In all honesty, if it was two years ago, I liked that sound, instead of this “deep, husky, sounding like smoking 40 gunston a day voice. But it is still my voice, and I cannot change it…

There are two ways of speech, as there are two ways of listening. Generously and obviously selfish. I have spoken about this subject many times over, and today, I want to touch on it again. Personally, I have a high-strung irritation towards someone that cannot “hear” me, they take in what I say, only to ask the same question on said subject a day later. This is my INTERNAL CONSTRAIN, I also get irritated with myself when I neglect to give my full attention to a speaker and get lost in translation.

Listening is an art. It is a skill. It can be developed. It can be taught.

I am speaking generally today, and more so towards our active healers in the group, or aspiring healers. Again, I hear this voice in my head asking why I hand “trade secrets” away – well, the better you are gifted with knowledge on what to look for in a spiritual coach, or an eclectic healer/therapist, the better for yourself. A sceptic will consult one person, failing the needed outcome, will brand every “healer” out there as a charlatan (fake, fraud, imposter) – it is a real and very concerning battle, fought daily.

I do readings, and at times my readings go way beyond the hour, or the 75min it is intended – you know why? I want you to walk away knowing we have touched and answered every question you may have. It doesn’t mean that a person watching the clock doesn’t give you the same undivided attention and needed feedback, it is just me. I never want someone to feel that “their story” is left incomplete.

Your clients come to you, to be heard and to be healed. They come to you, and they expect your full attention. It is vital that you listen to them, without interruption, prejudice or judgement. It is therefor important NOT TO rush the listening process, or to prejudge the situation with regard to the client. There may be special nuances or aspects to the client special situation that require the full understanding and listening process – why? So that their story may be complete!

As there are many other techniques, I will only touch on 4, otherwise we will sit here the whole day, and people in general are lazy to read… True, no jokes, ask anyone in retail… the price will be right in front, they will still call someone to ask – how much is this… – urgh come on, have a laugh… it is cold, it will get the blood flowing again. 😊

An encouraging statement, the purpose behind this is to convey interest, and ultimately, to keep you talking. In order to achieve this, the healer cannot agree or disagree, using noncommittal words with positive voice tone, want an example?

It sounds like: Uh-huh…. I see, That is interesting….

Restating (repeating), this shows that you are listening and in understanding, letting your client know that you are grasping the FACTS. It sounds like: In other words what you are saying… or I understand your idea is….

Reflecting statement, more or less the same as above, however to also show that you understand their FEELINGS. So, you restate the other person FEELINGS. It sounds like… “you feel that… You were disturbed by this….

Statement of summarising, this is used to pull important facts, to establish grounds for further discussions, and to review progress. With this, one uses the three foundation listening skills, restate, reflect, summarise…

It sounds like… these seem to be the key ideas you have expressed…. if I understand you, you feel this way about the situation.

It is imperative that you feel at ease, wherever you may go… And never feel bad for moving somewhere else. Remember it is your journey.

I have used this method in my personal life, and if I am honest, I have to say, not many know the art of listening generously. People listen, only to respond. Or quickly turn the conversation about themselves. Those individuals you limit time with, as in the end, you will drain yourself, frustrate your inner peaceful being. And no guys, I am not talking about someone that genuinely have a short-term memory issue. My husband, bless him can watch the same movie every week, as he forgets that quickly, lucky him as I run out of things to entertain my brain with, and do remember facts – not as well as I used to, but I nurture it.

May I challenge you once again, to listen generously, giving every spoken word your undivided attention, and if you cannot – tell the person that you are divided in attention. At the end, you are, or hypothetical an honest individual, thus saying you are occupied reflect much of your higher self.

Blessed day for all,

May the journey and the art of listening become second nature!

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